PowerConsole - The Advanced Command Console

PowerConsole is enhanced python interpreter that can host user defined commands. Uses pyparsing-based grammars for user commands to translate them into python calls, so it has limited support for mixing them with Python code.

PowerConsole execution engine is designed as embeddable, extensible scripting environment without strong ties to any particular user interface. This approach:

  • allows developers to create interactive consoles or tools with various user interfaces (CLI, TUI, GUI, web or even plain automation) that best suits the particular purpose on top of common functional core engine that could be easily extended beyond original design (see next point).
  • allows developers to create task or domain-specific commands (or even micro-languages) that integrate seamlessly into any application built around the PowerConsole engine (see above).
  • allows users of these tools and extensions to switch between tools or load extensions according to their immediate needs, and combine power of domain-specific commands with versatility of pure Python code.

Core distibution also contains ready-to-use CLI interpreter.

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